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Read the ancient Sagas online. The “Heimskingla” or “The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway” by Snorri Sturluson can be found at

Norwegian Cultural Society Inc.

Scandinavian embassies in Canada and links from them can be found at:
Norwegian Embassy
Swedish Embassy
Finish Embassy
Danish Embassy
Icelandic Embassy

Learn more about Henry Larsen and St Roch please visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum or:
or contact them via email at

For registration forms and additional information about Norgesskolen visit:
or via email at

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga - Smithsonian National Museam of Natural History

Digital Archives of Norway:
digitalarkivet.uib useful for people who are working on genealogy of Norway.

The Sons of Norway: and

This site includes beautiful photos of Norway:

This website is called Norway List and has a list of everything you want to find out about Norway and Norwegians including genealogy.

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